EMP (Event Management Partners) was launched in 2004 to develop and manage a niche portfolio of highly specialised, technology focused conferences.  EMP is particularly preoccupied with the practical application of various ICTs to selected vertical markets. 


EMP works very closely with key industry and government bodies as well as commercial entities and end-users with shared interests, to ensure that all of its events are stakeholder driven, and that critical industry objectives are analysed in depth and from a variety of perspectives.

 The GVF / EMP Conference Partnership

The Global VSAT Forum (GVF) and Event Management Partners (EMP) comprise the collaborative partnership behind the Oil & Gas Communications conference series, and the Broadband Maritime conference series, as well as the West Africa Satellite Communications conference series and it’s vertical market applications modules focused on the West African Oil & Gas, Banking and GSM sectors.


The GVF/EMP Conference Partnership aims to leverage the respective expertise and strengths of the two organisations to bring to the conference dialogue marketplace a new approach to the creation of ICT platforms of opportunity for telecommunications technology and service solution vendors to network with a wide array of telecommunications technology and service end-users across a range of key vertical markets for which cost-effective, efficient, reliable, scalable, and secure means of communication are a day-to-day and mission critical requirement. It is within the context of these networking platforms of opportunity that essential dialogues between the supply-side and demand-side are founded and built, a relationship that facilitates deals being done and business growth on both sides.

Event Management Partners (EMP)

145-157 St John Street, London EC1V 4PY, + 44 207 099 5546

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