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About EMP (Century 21 Communications)


EMP was launched in 2004 to develop and manage a niche portfolio of highly specialised conferences and roundtable meetings, which analyse cutting edge communications solutions applied to the requirements of major corporate and government end-users. 


EMP, (now re-branded as Century 21 Communications), has worked within emerging as well as developed regional markets, having organised high profile conferences on five continents, including Africa, Asia, North and South America and Europe. EMP works very closely with key industry and government bodies, as well as the corporate world, to ensure that all of it's programmes are stakeholder driven, and that priority objectives are analysed in depth and from a variety of perspectives.


The GVF - EMP Partnership


The GVF - EMP Partnership was created in 2006 to develop and facilitate networking dialogues within the satellite communications industry, and between the satellite industry and the communications solution user communities.


The Partnership identifies, researches and produces platforms within key vertical and emerging markets where satellite and satellite hybrid communications solutions are mission - critical imperatives and vital revenue streams across a wide range of sectors, including:


Oil & Gas... Maritime... Mining... Cellular Backhaul... In-Flight... Hospitality... Vehicle

Telematics... Smart Cities... Intelligent Highways... The Digital Citizen...Satellite News Gathering (SNG)... Humanitarian Assistance... Disaster Response... Enterprise... M2M... IoT/IIoT/IoE/IIoE... The Cloud




EMP (Century 21 Communications)


3rd Floor... 86-90 Paul Street... London EC2A 4NE, UK;

Satellite & the Cloud 2020

IoT... IIoT... IoE... IoEE

Cloud Deployments Across the Satellite Driven Network

Venues under review




Oilfield Connectivity 2020

M2M .... IoT .... Apps in the Cloud

The Next Generation Digital Oilfield

Aberdeen Marriott Hotel, Overton Circle-Dyce, Aberdeen  AB21 7AZ, Scotland, May 13 2020