Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre . . . ETPS Rd . . . Farnborough . . . GU14 6FD . . . July 19th



Martin Jarrold, Chief of International Programme Development, GVF


Betty Bonardel, President, AB5


Anver Anderson, President, Anver Ltd


0930-0945:   Opening Remarks from the Moderating Team


Martin Jarrold, Chief of International Programme Development, GVF


0945-1015: Backdrop & Context Briefing


Florent Rizzo, Senior Consultant, Euroconsult


0945-1015_Backdrop Context Briefing_Flo[...]
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1015-1145:   Session 1: In Orbit ... Inflight ... In the Cabin: The Technologies


· Satcoms: Ku-band and Ka-band in the Mix

· GEO, MEO & LEO: the Hybrid Approach

· Next Generation ATG Networks

· The Integration of Space-Based and Ground-Based Networks

· Connections & Installations: Breakdown by technology

· Inflight Hardware – Current & Future Market Scale

· Technology Trends

· New Players in the Market Dynamic

· Solutions Architecture, Design & Engineering Strategies

· Terminal Design & Airframe Compatibilities

· Terminal Capabilities for the Passenger & Carrier Requirement

· Terminal Evolution & Future Proofing

· Future Hardware Evolution: Antennas, Wireless Access Points, Servers and Routers


Anthony Spouncer, Senior Director Global Operational Services, Inmarsat


Mark ter Hove, Director Air Transport Satcom, Cobham Aerospace Communications


Gez Draycott, Vice President Market Solutions Engineering, SES Networks


Robert Skouza, Vice President Aero Vertical, Comtech EF Data


Steve Moses, Senior Director Vertical Market Solutions Product Management, VT iDirect


Mario Mancini, Assistant Vice President Southern Europe, Hughes


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1145-1300:   Session 2: Airlines & Customers: Aeronautical Applications, Technology Platforms & Passenger Services


· The Cloud & Big Data from Gate-to-Gate

· The Airline Application Environment

· The Passenger Online Environment

· The Airline Carrier Operational Data Environment

· Satellite Operators’ IFC Market Servicing Strategies

· Aeronautical Digitisation & Cyberspace: Aviation Sector Vulnerabilities


David Garrood, Senior Vice President Business Development, PHASOR Inc


John Finney, Founder, Isotropic Systems


Anver Anderson, President, Anver Ltd


Richard Skaife, Managing Director, Cann Research Ltd


Andrew Sikorski, Policy Analyst, Access Partnership


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1300-1400:   Session 3: User Expectations, Provider Capabilities: Business Models in the Cruise


· The Passenger, the Airline, and the Connectivity Solution Provider

· Deployment & Installation Planning: The Aircraft Manufacturer & the

· Airline Carrier

· Broadband Bandwidth: Reconciling Supply & Demand Realities

· Passenger Choice Drivers & Carrier Offerings

· Future Proofing: Connectivity, Upgrades & Speed

· Multiple Device Connectivity

· Aircraft Connectivity – Regional Variations, Aircraft Type Variations

· Low-Cost Carriers & IFC

· IFC – Cost-Centre or Revenue Generator?

· Airlines, Service Providers, Satellite Operators – The Market Share

· Drivers & Inhibitors of Market Growth


Robert Skouza, Vice President Aero Vertical, Comtech EF Data


Alex Cowan, Chief Executive Officer, Razorsecure


Mohammad Choudhary, Chief Executive Officer, Patron Networks


Shahida Barick, Head of Spacecraft Operations, Effective Space


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