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Maritime Industry

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The seas and oceans of the world, at the surface and in the depths, are a vital resource for industry, trade, and leisure. Though hostile compared with most of the land masses, their vital, and increasing, importance as a means of transport for our globalised trade goods, as an important source of food supplies and of vital energy resources, as well as an environment for our entertainment pursuits, is not diminished. Our ability to communicate effectively whilst on its surface and exploiting its depths is paramount, and now goes beyond only the means to improve of the safety of seafarers and their vessels – the key consideration associated with the first maritime satellite communications networks, and naturally of great importance.


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 Program Highlights



  • Maritime Communications:

Identifying, Understanding and Leveraging the Sector’s Essential Dynamics


  • The Maritime Sector & Communications Provision Interface:

Who Wants What and Where? Who Provides What & Where?


  • The Satellite Operator & Network Provider:

Maritime Deployment of New Global Broadband Resources


  • Evolving the “Unlimited Broadband” Bandwidth Equation:

New Evolutionary Trends in C, Ku, Ka & L Frequency Footprints for the Maritime Space


  • New Satellite Operator Dynamics for the High Seas:

The High Throughput Evolution


  • Maritime ICT & Business Solutions:

eBusiness Strategy & Implementation Afloat


  • The Ocean-Going Office on the Bridge:

Integrating Operational Ship Management Applications & Communications


  • The ICT Seascape for Ships’ Crews:

The Internet & Social Media Expectation


  • The Communications Key to Efficient Fleet Management in the 21st Century:

From Vessel Chartering to Capturing & Sharing Data Ship-to-Shore


  • VSATs at Sea & Designing Dedicated Targeted Solutions for Multiple Parameters:

The Vessel Type, Company Type, Data Volumes, and Crew Requirement


  • Cloud Computing over the Ocean:

Maritime Industry Satellite Networking


  • Satellite Networking & Expanding Maritime Communications:

To the Arctic Horizon


  • Regulatory & Licensing Open Forum:

Communications Inshore & on the High Seas: Who Makes the Rules? Who Enforces the Rules?


  • New Maritime Antenna Technologies:

The Multi-Band Challenge in a Stabilised Market


  • Evolution of Maritime Satcoms Services & Equipment:

Technical Innovation for an Expanding Market


  • Charting the Latest Course:

The Satellite Navigation and Satellite Communications Interface


  • Safety, Distress & Piracy:

GMDSS from MSS to FSS?


  • Weather Data Streams:

Real-time Access & Dissemination of Local, Regional & Global Information


  • High-Seas Networking Solutions:

Systems Resilience Profiles