ExCel . . . Royal Victoria Dock . . . 1 Western Gateway . . .  London E16 1XL . . . June 14th

Moderated by:


Martin Jarrold, Chief of International Programme Development, GVF


Betty Bonardel, President, AB5



0900-0915:                Opening Remarks & Backdrop


  • Contributed by leading analytics consultancies


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0915-1100:                Session 1


Satellite beyond the Backhaul Opportunity: Integration with “the Network” – A New Paradigm


  • Satellite backhaul: Pre-5G networks - An appraisal of 4G/LTE and before
  • Satellite networks optimisation & IP cellular traffic
  • Satellite in the core: Various system architectures & 5G
  • Where will satellite sit in the delivery 5G functionality?
  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB): meeting demand for increasingly digital lifestyles, focusing on services with high bandwidth requirements
  • Ultra-reliable and Low-latency Communications (uRLLC): meeting expectations from digital industry, focusing on latency-sensitive services
  • Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC): meeting demand for a further developed digital society, focusing on services that include high requirements for connection density
  • Regulatory and spectrum harmonisation
Javier Santos, Business Development Engineer, Inster

Richard Swardh, SVP Mobile Networks Operators, Comtech EF Data


Simon Gatty Saunt, VP Sales EMEA Fixed-Data, SES Networks


Luisa Fernandez Peña, Marketing Manager Products & Services, Hispasat 


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1100-1130:                Break


1130-1315:                Session 2


Satellite Use Cases in 5G Deployed Infrastructures


  • 5G networking with cellular and satellite solutions
  • Merging broadcast infrastructures and broadband infrastructures
  • Wireless access technology heterogeneity: A native feature of 5G
  • 3GPP satellite Use Cases (satellite essential and integral to 5G networks service offerings). Examining the current/future state-of-play of satellite in:
  • Multimedia Delivery: Mobile Broadcast; Content Caching; Broadcast to Home
  • Broadband: Mobile Broadband to Users & Vehicles; Fixed Broadband to Homes & Enterprises; Remote Area Services; Backhaul Connectivity; Broadband to Moving Platforms
  • Machine Type Communication: Fleet Tracking; Asset Management; Wide Area Sensor Management
  • Critical Communication: Disaster Management; Air Traffic Management; Reliable Communications
  • Vehicular Communication: Traffic Updates & Software Upgrades; eCalls & Emergency Notifications


Robert Novak, Director Business Development Mobile Networks, ND Satcom

Semir Hassanaly, Market Director Mobile Backhaul & Trunking, Newtec
Chris Boyd, Senior Director Vertical Market Solutions, Product Management, VT iDirect


Raz Ben Haim, Product Line Manager, Backhaul Solutions, Gilat Satellite Networks


Dario Mulassano, Business Development Director, Hughes

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1315-1415:                Lunch


1415-1530:                Session 3


Device-to-device: Satellite & Maximising IoT for the Internet of Everything Everywhere (IoEE)


  • Small satellite (NGSO) constellations in the M2M/IoT ecosphere
  • Networks densification & the role of satellite
  • Satellite seamlessness & footprint ubiquity to service the IoEE
  • Satellite & the device environment of smart city infrastructure
  • Satellite & IoT application markets
  • Utilities: smart power, smart metering
  • Transportation: connected cars, connected trucks
  • Oil, Gas & Mining: exploration & production
  • Civil engineering: construction & maintenance
  • Agriculture: livestock monitoring
  • Health services: rural & remote eHealth


Mark Lambert, Vice President Business Development, Kratos Communications Ltd.


Paul Scardino, SVP Sales Operations Engineering & Marketing, Globecomm


Alex Holvoet, SVP Program Management, LeoSat


Alvaro Sanchez, General Manager, Integrasys


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1530-1600:                Break


16.00-1715:               Session 4


New Architectures & Technologies for Mobile Platforms: Meshing Wireless & Broadband Satellite


  • Satellite & mobile network macro-cell & small-cell architectures
  • Satellite & cellular in hybrid solutions
  • Latency & evolving satellite system networks
  • Network encryption, client security & cyber security imperatives: Satellite & mobile wireless pan-network integration
  • High Throughput Satellites and 5G/IoT infrastructures
  • GSO & NGSO satellite solutions & 5G deliverables


Fabien Robineau, Regional Director EMEA, AsiaSat


Travis Mooney, Consultant Managed Services, ArabSat


Gerry Collins, Director Mobile Network Operator Product Management, Intelsat


Kieran Arnold, Head of Networks & Systems, Satellite Applications Catapult


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1715:                          Closing remarks