Hosted by Jones Day

51 Louisiana Avenue, N.W., Washington DC, 20001

May 16, 2017


In Coordination with the Mobile Satellite Users Association, Satellite Industry Association, Society of Satellite Professionals International & Washington Space Business Roundtable







7.00                 Registration Opens


8:30                 Welcome & Introduction


David Hartshorn, Secretary General, GVF



8.40                 Keynote: Rewriting The Back of the HTS Napkin


  • HTS’ Top Line, The Bottom Line & What’s in Between
  • Got Debt?
  • Less is More: Curbing OPEX and CAPEX
  • How Much Risk Can Operators Tolerate?
  • Margin Hunting in the Media and Connectivity Markets


Brad Grady, Senior Analyst, NSR



9.00                 Operator Roundtable: New Links on the Value Chain


  • LEO, Meet GEO
  • For-Sale Signs: Blazing the HTS Acquisition Trail
  • Trust Me: It’s Not Competition, It’s Co-opetition
  • VSAT 1.0 – Is the Writing on the Wall?
  • Reach for the Sky: UAVs, HAPs, and Balloons




David Hartshorn, Secretary General, GVF

Brad Grady, Senior Analyst, NSR


Ric VanderMeulen, VP Government Satcom, ViaSat

Daniel Lozada, Vice President of International Sales, Hughes

Michael Abad-Santos, Senior Vice President of the Americas, LEOSAT



10.00               Much Ado About Smallsats


  • Why 2017 Is Not the ‘90s
  • Business Case Closed – Who Signs the P.O.?
  • GEO, Meet LEO… and MEO and HEO and…
  • Playing the Silicon Valley Card
  • Can I Borrow Your Rocket?




Tom Stroup, President, SIA

Armand Musey, Valuation & Financial Analysis Expert, Summit Ridge Group


David Lewis, Director and Co-Founder, Clarke Belt 2.0

Bruce Chesley, VP Global Broadband, Boeing    

Rob Rainhart, VP of Engineering, Hawkeye 360



11.00               Refreshments



11.30               Hardware Everywhere – HTS Satcom Equipment Gets Moving


  • From ESOMPs to ESIMs: The State of the Art in HTS Mobility
  • What’s Your Best Price on 1 Million Flat Panels?
  • L, C, X, Ku, Ka, Q & V – Expanding the Mobility Alphabet
  • Interference Prevention as a Value Proposition
  • Splitting the Difference: Land, Air and Sea




Catherine Melquist, President, MSUA

David Hartshorn, Secretary General GVF


David Helfgott, CEO, Phasor    
Greg Quiggle, Vice President Emerging Products, Engineering, VT iDirect
John Finney, Founder, Isotropic Systems    
Thad Pinney, Sr Solutions Architect, Kratos
Steve Richeson, SVP Global Sales & Business Development, Advantech Wireless



12.30               Lunch



13.30               Truth in Advertising: Is IoT the Next Big ‘Thing’? (Is 5G?)


  • Deals on Wheels: Betting Big on Connected Cars
  • Back to the Future: 3-5G Backhaul
  • Rubbing the 6G Crystal Ball
  • M2M, Big Data, The Cloud and Other Minor Details
  • You Have Cyber-Security in Your Portfolio, Right?




Lou Zacharilla, Director of Development, SSPI


Paul Scardino, Senior Vice President, Sales Operation/Engineering and Marketing, Globecomm
Fred Morris, Vice President of Satellite Operators Market Vertical, Comtech EF Data    



14.30               Regulatory Roundtable: We’re Going to Need a Bigger Lawyer


  • How to Regulate 10,000 Satellites
  • What the World Will Look Like After WRC-19
  • Spectrum Frontiers:  Share… Or Else
  • Getting HTS Into the National Broadband Plan
  • The Global Blanket-Licensing Scorecard




Bruce Olcott, Partner, Jones Day


Ric VanderMeulen, VP Government Satcom, ViaSat    
Michael Abad-Santos, Senior Vice President of the Americas, LEOSAT    
Suzanne Malloy, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, O3b    



15.30               Refreshments



16.00               Space Segment:  Constellations Reimagined


  • Building Your Own Bird
  • Inter-Satellite Links, Big Data and Other Design Drivers
  • What the Customers Want… And What They Get
  • The New Paradigm: Build ‘Em Cheap and Pile ‘Em High?
  • Hosted Payloads




Erin Neal, WSBR

Denis Curtin, GVF


Rich Leshner, VP of Government Affairs, Planet
Scott Anderson, President & Co-Founder, SEAKR    
Jeffrey Manbar, Managing Director, NanoRacks    
Joseph Campagna, SVP of Operations, BridgeSat
Michael Gold, VP of DC Operations, Space Systems Loral



17.00               Closing Remarks


David Hartshorn, Secretary General, GVF