Strand Palace Hotel …. 372 Strand …. London …. WC2R 0JJ …. United Kingdom .... December 4th


0900-0910:      Opening Remarks



              David Meltzer, Secretary General, GVF



0910-0930:      Backdrop Presentation – Setting the Stage



              Stéphane Chenard, Senior Analyst, Euroconsult


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0930-1100:      Roundtable Session 1: The Operators… New Focus & New Orbits



Moderator:    Michael Pollack, Founder & CEO, Traville Group


· HTS and the Road to LEO

Gordon Grant, Manager International Sales Engineering, Telesat


· Multi Orbit Connectivity – Driving New Business Models

Simon Gatty Saunt, Vice President Sales EMEA Fixed-Data, SES Networks


· The Changing Face of the Satellite Industry

Marco Mirante, Regional Sales Director, Hughes


· Title to be Confirmed

Rob de Poorter, Head of Sales Broadband Services, ArabSat


· A Viasat Perspective on High Capacity Satellites

Richard Wyrwas, Principal Engineer Government Services, ViaSat


· What’s going on in Low Earth Orbit? Not All LEOs are Created Equal

Ronald van der Breggen, Chief Commercial Officer, LeoSat


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1100-1130:      Refreshment Break



1130-1300:      Roundtable Session 2: The VARs… New Challenges in an HTS World



Moderator:    Betty Bonnardel, CEO, AB5 Consulting


· Providing Broadband is Not Enough

Jack Buechler, Chief Operating Officer, Quika


· Changing the Value of Your Capacity

Sébastien Couvet, EMEA Sales Manager, Integrasys


· Overcoming Challenges and Creating Opportunities from the Bottom Up

Andrew Faiola, Head of Mobility Newtec


· Satellite – COMPLIMENTARY & INTEGRAL Moving Forward

Drew Klein, Director International Business Development, C-COM Satellite Systems


· NextGen VSAT Services: Strategies for Thriving in the Space 2.0 World

Michael Pollack, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Traville Group


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1300-1400:      Lunch



1400-1530:      Roundtable Session 3: Ground Segment … Evolving Dynamics



      Moderator:    Anver Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Anver Consulting


· Optimising a Unified Space and Ground Segment

Mark Lambert, Vice President Business Development, Kratos


· Adapting to Dynamic Environments - a Market in Transition

Andy Lucas, Senior Vice President, Operator Vertical, Comtech EF Data


· Ground Segment Considerations in a HTS/ Multi-Orbit/Multi-Access World

Thomas Bopp, Director Sales Systems Engineering Global Sales Engineering, VT iDirect


· Wind of Change in Total Cost of Ownership

Stav Gizunterman, Vice President Research & Development, Orbit Communication Systems


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1530-1600:      Refreshment Break



1600-1720:      Roundtable Session 4: Mobility, Mobility, Mobility



     Moderator:    Martin Jarrold, Chief, International Programme Development, GVF


· The IFC world is Changing....

Jags Burhm, Senior Vice President Global Aero Mobility, Eutelsat


· Ground Terminals and Customer Experience. From the Railways to the Battlefield

Javier Alexander Santos Wybenga, Business Development Engineer, Inster


· Next Generation Satellite Communications

Dan Rooney, Director Maritime LOB EMEA & Russia, Iridium


· Next GEN HTS Systems: Unleashing the Potential of an Empowered World

Deepukrishnan Pillai, Senior Analyst Strategy & Market Intelligence, SES


· OneWeb – High Speed Broadband LEO Solution

Tony Azzarelli, Vice President Global Licensing & Spectrum, OneWeb


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1720-1730:      Closing Remarks



1730:               Annual Election for the GVF Board of Directors