Marriott Hotel, Overton Circle-Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 7AZ, United Kingdom .... May 15


· 0800-0900       Registration



· 0900-0915       Opening Remarks


Martin Jarrold, Vice President of International Programme Development, GVF



· 0915-0945       End-User Insight


                Video Streaming and Increasing Needs to have Connectivity for Various Devices in Explosion Rated Areas

Dawn Murray, Field Networks Service Delivery Manager, British Petroleum


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· 0945-1115 Panel Session 1


Communications Technology Solutions and Building the Digital Oilfield


Remote Oilfield Deployment of Robust Auto-Deploy Antenna Technology

Drew Klein, Vice President Sales & Marketing, C-COM


The M2M to IoT journey... Closing the Loop

Robert Irvine, Global Account Manager Energy, SpeedCast


Bandwidth Optimisation... Beyond SCPC

Jean-Michel Rouylou, Head of Enterprise Market, Newtec


Title TBC

Steve Chambers, Chief Operating Officer, Cloudsoft Corp.


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· 1115-1145 Refreshments



· 1145-1315 Panel Session 2


Communications Service Solutions and Building the Digital Oilfield


Unmanned Deployment Solution Innovations

Sebastien Couvet, EMEA Sales Manager, Integrasys


Hybrid Satellite Network Solutions taking Cloud Services and Application Performance to

the Next Level

Mark Bennett, Sales Director, Marlink


SD - WAN Optimisation for the Digital Oilfield

Richard Moir, SD - WAN Senior Solutions Architect, Silver Peak Systems


HTS and the Digital Oilfield

Mike Manson, Sales Manager Oil and Gas, Telenor Satellite AS


Oilfields: Different Communications Service Solutions for Different Needs

Alessandro Caranci, Senior Vice President Satellite Communications, Telespazio


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· 1315-1415 Lunch



· 1415-1545       Panel Session 3 


Digital Oilfield Applications: Development and Roll-Out


Big Data Goes Satellite, Principle Attributes Required for Success

Andy Lucas, Senior Vice President Operator Vertical, Comtech EF Data


ViaSat New Maritime Terminals provide High Throughput to Oil Field Industries

Christian Rigal, Principal System Engineer, ViaSat


Subsea IoT and the Digital Oilfield

Theo Priestley, Chief Marketing Officer, WFS Technologies


Applying Digital Gateways to the Digital Oilfield

Mark Lambert, Vice President Business Development, Kratos


FPAs... The Route to Maturity

Callum Norrie, Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence, Heriot Watt University


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· 1545-1615 Refreshments



· 1615-1730 Panel Session 4


The Strategic Connectivity Ecosystem: the Compliance Environment


The NIS Directive - Detecting Attacks on UK Critical Infrastructure

Martyn Curwen-Bryant, Sales Director, Razor Secure


Compliance with International Data Transfer Requirements for IoT Services

Vadim Doronin, Senior Consultant, Access Partnership


Compliance with Lawful Interception Requirements for IoT Services

Maria Zervaki, Policy Analyst, Access Partnership


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· 1730 Closing Remarks


Martin Jarrold, Vice President of International Programme Development, GVF