Marriott Hotel, Overton Circle-Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 7AZ, United Kingdom .... May 15



Panel Session 1: Communications Technology Solutions & Building the Digital Oilfield


Communications Technology Trends for Hydrocarbons Frontiers

Maximising Growth Opportunity via High Throughput Satellites: GEOs, MEOs & LEOs

Bandwidth, Traffic & Throughput Optimisation Imperatives

Connected Devices & the Intelligent Process: M2M and IoT

Remote Oilfield Deployment of Robust Auto-Deploy Antenna Technology

Satcoms & Automated & Remote-Controlled Drilling Operations


Panel Session 2: Communications Service Solutions & Building the Digital Oilfield


‘Big Data’ Networking Solution Innovations for Cloud-over-Satellite in E&P

Advanced Networking Communications Infrastructures & Value-Added Services – Realising Marginal & Emerging Potential Reserves

Communications Infrastructures: Networks & Cyber Security

Data-Flows, Video Applications & the ‘Internet of Things’: The Cloud Again!

Comparative Portfolios of Satellite & Satellite-Terrestrial Hybrid Services

E&P Satcom Service Business Models: Getting More, Paying Less


Panel Session 3:  Digital Oilfield Applications: Development & Roll-Out


High Demand Communications for Crew Welfare, Safety, and Training Applications: Millennials Offshore

Mission Critical Applications Requirements in a Big Data Environment

Digital Oilfield Monitoring & Management: Real-Time Imperatives

Evolving Commercial Oil & Gas Applications to the Offshore Mobile Environment


Panel Session 4:  The Strategic Connectivity Ecosystem and the Oil & Gas Environment


Radio Frequency Interference & the Oilfield Space: Industry Prevention & Mitigation

Communications & Business/Emergency Continuity

Intelligence, Security & Reconnaissance (ISR) in the E&P Remote Space: UAVs, Satellites & Infrastructure Protection

The Wireless World of the Oil & Gas E&P Environment

Out-of-band Control & Monitoring Solutions

Connectivity in the Remote oil/Gas/Mining Extraction Space