Connectivity 2017

Evolving the “New” New Verticals

Air, Sea, Surface & Rail

Strand Palace Hotel, London

22 February, 2017

Oil & Gas Connectivity

North & Northwest

North Sea, Arctic & Atlantic Margin

Marriott, Dyce - Aberdeen

10 May, 2017

High Throughput Satellites

LEOs, MEOs & GEOs: the New Risk vs Reward Gambit

The DC Roundtable

Jones Day Building, Washington DC

May 16, 2017

Cellular Backhaul

Smartphones & Tablets to the Satellite Network....and the World

Strand Palace Hotel, London

June 22, 2017

AeroConnect 2017

The In-Flight, Online Revolution


October - November, 2017

High Throughput Satellites (HTS) Roundtable

Advancing the High Capacity Game Changer


December, 2017


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