De Vere Canary Wharf,  No 1 Westferry Circus,  Canary Wharf, London E14 4HD . . . December 5th 



1st Draft Programme



Format: Roundtable Panel Discussion / Interaction with Delegates



The panellists for each of the four roundtables will be delivering a short introduction, following which the audience will be invited to join the discussion.  We aim to have at least one hour per Roundtable for this interactive process.  Please note, that this is not necessarily a Q&A session, so comments, viewpoints, observations and indeed, questions, will be welcome from the audience.




Opening Keynote Address:


  • The Business of New & Expanding Markets, New & Enhanced Services, and New & Evolving Technologies (Title to be confirmed)



Roundtable Session 1: The Operators… A New Focus from Orbit


  • Constellations Reimagined – from LargeSats to CubeSats
  • HTS Supply – the Aeronautical & Maritime Corridors
  • Is the “App” Now Driving Satellite Design?
  • HTS, the Cloud & IoT
  • Bandwidth – (Price) Wars in Space?
  • Competing Down the Value Chain
  • How will HTS & the Mega-LEOs Compete?



Roundtable Session 2: The VARs… New Challenges in a Brave New World


  • Transformation in the Satellite Broadband Value Proposition
  • Today’s Most Dynamic Markets
  • Dynamism in Throughput/Pricing Packages
  • The Cloud & the IoT – Bringing New Opportunity to the VAR Proposition?
  • What Does the Mobile Market Need from VARs?



Roundtable Session 3: The Ground Segment… Evolving Dynamics


  • Equiping the ESIM & Next Generation HTS Mobility Solutions
  • The VSAT Antenna… Getting Smaller, the Changing Form Factor
  • Phased Array… Markets & Scales Characterised
  • In the Cyber Zone… Best Practice in Vendor & Customer Collaboration
  • Does Growth in Terminal Numbers Mean More Interference?
  • Terminal Cost, Design & Function… Does the Customer Get What the Customer Wants?



Roundtable Session 4: Is Mobility Everything?


  • Where Next for ESIM
  • HTS for IoT on Land, on Sea, in the Air
  • Mobile Trunking & Backhaul – A Defining Role for Satellite in the Future 5G Mobile World?
  • Mobility – Who Are the End Users?
  • Navigating a Changing Value Chain – Acquisitions & Alliances
  • But, What About Enterprise VSAT, Consumer Broadband, Video, Government & Military?