Draft Programme (12-09-2018)


Across a background opening address and four 90-minute themed interactive panel sessions the Roundtable will offer an exploration of the ongoing evolution in the underpinning business and market economics of HTS, continuing to zoom-in on a range of specific analyses on the HTS ecosystem, including: The changing focus of the operators & evolution in the space segment; Emerging threats and opportunites for re-sellers in the value chain; Technology shifts in the ground segment; and, Mobility as the core revolutionary dynamic in todays broadband satcoms.


As at 12th September the Roundtable draft programme is as follows - modifications are inevitable as the programme evolves;




Opening Background Address: Satellite’s Accelerating New Dynamics – Expanding Markets, Enhanced Services & Evolving Technology Platforms




Roundtable Session 1: The Operators… New Focus & New Orbits


  • Constellations Reimagined
  • HTS Supply – the Aeronautical & Maritime Corridors
  • Is the “App” Now Driving Satellite Design
  • HTS, the Cloud & IoT
  • Bandwidth – (Price) Wars in Space?
  • Orbits & Latency – A Competitive Divide?
  • Competing Down the Value Chain
  • How will GEO HTS & the Mega-LEOs Compete?




Roundtable Session 2: The VARs… New Challenges in an HTS World


  • Transforming the Satellite Broadband Value Proposition
  • Today’s Most Dynamic Markets
  • Changing Throughput/Pricing Dynamics
  • Cloud & the IoT – New Opportunity to the VAR Proposition?
  • What Does the Mobile Market Need from VARs?




Roundtable Session 3: The Ground Segment… Evolving Dynamics


  • Next Generation HTS Mobility Solutions
  • The VSAT Antenna… Getting Smaller, the Changing Form Factor
  • Parabolic to Phased Array… Markets & Scales Characterised
  • In the Cyber Zone… Best Practice in Vendor & Customer Collaboration
  • Growth in Terminal Numbers & Interference Dynamics
  • Terminal Cost, Design & Function… Does the Customer Get What the Customer Wants?




Roundtable Session 4: Mobility, Mobility, Mobility


  • Where Next for Mobility?
  • HTS for IoT on Land, on Sea, in the Air
  • Mobile Trunking & Backhaul – A Defining Role with Satellite Integration in the 5G Mobile World?
  • Mobility – Who Are the End Users?
  • Navigating a Changing Value Chain – Acquisitions & Alliances
  • But, What About Enterprise VSAT, Consumer Broadband, Video, Government & Military?


And after the HTS Roundtable programme…


At the conclusion of the conference GVF will hold its Annual Election for the GVF Board of Directors.